Home Energy Living Plan

YIKES!!     Utility Bill too high — Get HELP

Are you bleeding money to pay your ever increasing utility bills?

Here is your First Aid for high energy bills, here is your HELP.

The Home Energy Living Plan is info you need to reduce your energy consumption. Good unbiased knowledge is your weapon against climbing utility rates. Making energy improvements not only reduces energy consumption but can make your house more comfortable.

Everyone seems to have ideas on how to save energy. Much of this is designed to sell you something or perhaps an Old Wives’  Tale which may have no value today.

Here’s a little test.

A House has to breathe.

Is this true or false?

The answer is false. …Surprised! This is an expression from the days when air infiltration was needed to remove indoor pollutants and humidity. Before Air Conditioning, this helped cool the house in the summer. This same high infiltration is what drives utility bills up and comfort down. Today’s homes are built tight. The removal of pollutants is by designed mechanical ventilation and humidity is removed through properly sized exhaust fans. Infiltration, unwanted air from outside, is kept to a minimum.

Your house may be closer to the leaky house of old. At Home Energy Living Plan you can get info on what and how to upgrade your home. Even newer homes can use some upgrading. Use your utility bill as your guide.

Here’s another test.

Which tends to leak more, windows or holes in the ceiling?

Leaks through windows are very noticeable. Maybe you can feel air coming through. But, the answer is holes in the ceiling. Look up, you will see many items mounted in the ceiling; lights and heating grilles are two examples. All of these items can leak air if not properly sealed. This is not noticeable because air you paid to heat or cool is leaking up through to the attic. Is your attic access panel fully in place? If not, then you have a big hole in the ceiling.

The Solution is Home Energy Living Plan

This is a free site. Go through the information here so you can create your plan to improve comfort and reduce utility costs. Some actions you can take at no cost. Just changing the way you do things can have an impact. Other actions can be do-it-yourself at low cost. Minor improvements can also have an impact. Larger improvements can potentially make the biggest benefit. These improvements should be determined by a trained energy auditor and completed by trained contractors. When it comes to more money, you want to make sure it is being invested in the best energy improvement options.


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