About HELP

Home Energy Living Plan is a free site to allow you to create your own plan for living in your home. We are totally independent; we make every effort to inform you of the facts and reality of how energy is used in your home.

You know there is much information out on the web and passed by word of mouth. Unfortunately it is misleading or an exaggeration. The advertisements sound so impressive. But reality is there is no panacea. There is not one action that can be taken to drastically reduce your utility bill. You need to make choices about how you and your family live in your home and how you make decisions on home maintenance, repair and upgrade.

When spending your money, it is important to know that the energy savings will offset the investment. There are many ways to spend more and not get a return. Solar systems have a great appeal and can reduce the utility bill tremendously. I certainly would not have a problem with eliminating utility bills. But, the current cost is too high. The money I spend on a solar system would pay the utility bills and also buy something else. Saving more than you invest is called a positive payback. If you have a positive payback, then you are using your money wisely.

This site is all about you using your money wisely.

Time spent learning from this website is a positive payback. Be smart with your money and don’t force your family to live uncomfortably because you have false info about saving energy.

Hi, my name is Gary; I am the author of this website. I have learned much over the 30 plus years of analyzing and consulting on energy use in buildings. Now in the twilight of my career, I want to provide this knowledge to everyone. Working as an independent consultant and instructor to the professionals, my approach is focused on reality and what gets results.

Is giving all of this away free going to anger the many professionals I associate with? Not really, we much prefer working with homeowners who understand how to save energy. The professional can do a thorough analysis and conduct tests, then compile the results for you. But you make the final decisions. So everyone benefits from your objective understanding of how your home uses energy.

Thank you for coming to this site. Next time you see a commercial that claims their product will save energy, come here to find out the reality. Then you can decide.


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