Comfort and Energy

Must you sacrifice comfort for saving energy?

There are ways to save energy that may result in reduced comfort. For example, turning down the thermostat in the winter is a common recommendation. So you must be cold to save energy. But there are many other actions that can be taken that do not reduce comfort. Going around and sealing drafts will save energy and improve comfort. Often the thermostat is raised to compensate for cold drafts. This uses more energy. So sealing odd those drafts, you stay warm without increasing the temperature on the thermostat.

It is the goal of Home Energy Living Plan to maintain or improve comfort as you reduce your utility bill. Throughout this site as you learn about ways to reduce energy, the impact on comfort is also discussed. If you are fine with an extra blanket and turning down the thermostat, do it. But not everybody is, so you need other options. Or better yet, combine some of these options to maximize the energy reduction.


It’s your home – be comfortable!

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