Save Energy — Overlooked Energy Users

Your home has numerous electrical outlets in every room. You tend to have no idea of how much electricity each one is using ( not until a breaker trips). With so many electrically driven devices and gadgets, it is easy to overlook the combined affect of these items.

Your Home Energy Living Plan

  • Check electrical specifications for the peak electrical use of that item. Is this amount continuous or momentary?
  • Turn things off that are not needed or desired.
Impact of Your Energy Saving Actions

Every study on home energy use seams to have some energy not allocated to anything. Much of this is probably the numerous devices plugged in throughout your house. Trying not to waste energy is a no cost way to contribute to your keeping your utility bill as low as you can.

How Energy is Lost

What do you plug into the wall? Following are some items you may not have thought of but they all use energy.

  • Fish Tank – your aquarium may have lights and heater using from 50 to 200 watts. This would be a continuous load.
  • Plant Lights – your plant light could use 40 to 100 watts continuously through the daytime.
  • Battery Chargers – remove or unplug rechargeable batteries after fully charged.
  • Portable devices like heaters, air cleaners, humidifiers, or dehumidifiers.
  • Cleaning Equipment like vacuum sweepers.
Energy Solutions Explained

Being aware of the power requirements of devices help provide an idea of the energy used. A device rated at 300 watts will use more energy than one rated at 50 watts.

It is very easy to forget and leave something on. Try to stop and quickly check before leaving a room or your house.

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