Save Energy — Small Appliances

Life is tough enough without spending a lot of time struggling through the preparation of a meal for the family. Today there are numerous devices that make it easier in the kitchen. From toaster to coffee maker to blender, these appliances fill our counter and cabinets. Many of these use energy. Most only during their use, but some can use energy even when not in use.

Your Home Energy Living Plan

  • Do not run appliance when not needed.
  • Plan meals to use as few appliances as possible.
  • Match the appliance to the meal.
Impact of Your Energy Saving Actions

Small kitchen appliances are probably not a major factor in a high utility bill. However, making adjustments are free and can save some energy. Besides maybe you will discover a new favorite meal that is healthy and uses less energy to prepare.

How Energy is Lost

Kitchen appliances either have heaters like coffee makers, toasters and toaster ovens; or they have motors like mixers and blenders. Wattages can reach as much as 1500 watts for some appliances. However energy use is small because they do not run for long periods of time. There are some exceptions, for example the Bunn Coffee Maker keeps the water hot all the time so a pot can be brewed quickly.

Energy Solutions Explained

Know how long an appliance must run for proper preparation of meal. For example, do not run blender or mixer longer than needed for the item being prepared. Use a coffee maker that has a burner that shuts off after a period of time.

Many health web sites recommend the eating of whole raw foods. Try adopting some tips that would reduce the use of kitchen appliances. Use your muscles for some of the preparation. For example, beat eggs by hand instead of a blender.

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